Willow's End Resort & Campground

General Campground Rules & FAQ

To ensure all our guests have a peak experience at our campground, we've laid out a few ground rules. If it's your first time staying with us, please take a look. You can always give us a call at 715-612-6597 if you have any questions!

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Booking and checking in

  • Notice: this property is privately owned. Management is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss to either person or property. Additionally, Resort management reserves all rights to terminate guests’ stay for any reason. Thank you.
  • Payments: campers must pay all fees in full according to the terms of their agreement.
  • Early check out: if a camper chooses to check out of their campsite before the end of the season, no refund will be given.


  • Speed limit: on campground property it's 10 MPH or less. This includes ATVs and golf carts.
  • Headlights: when driving motor vehicles at dusk, use lights.
  • Bicycles: must be used responsibly and have a headlight and reflectors to be used after dark.
  • Beach: as lifeguards are not present on site, please watch your children on the beach, and swim at your own risk.
  • Fireworks: they are prohibited.
  • Smoking/vaping: smoking and vaping are prohibited on playgrounds and in the fish cleaning house. Adults need to be considerate around other guests, especially children, when smoking/vaping. Underage drinking/smoking is not tolerated.
  • Inappropriate behavior: any person whose conduct is offensive or disorderly to other campers, campground personnel, or management will be required to leave the premises or be restricted to their campsite. Management will determine “offensive conduct” as each instance arises, and their decision will be final. If management’s decision is not followed local authorities will be contacted and will have the right to issue a ticket/warning to the person(s) not cooperating.
  • Privacy: campsite boundaries must be respected.
  • Site numbers: they must be visible in front of the unit so that any emergency service can locate your unit and site.
  • Emergencies: the campground does not contain an emergency shelter for campers' use during severe weather events. You are encouraged to develop an action plan in the event that severe weather requires you to seek shelter. In the event of an emergency within the campground, you may contact the campground owners at the following phone number: 715-612-6597.

Quiet hours

  • Park quiet hours: 10:30 pm to 9:00 am. This includes outdoor lighting.
  • Outdoor lighting: please limit outdoor lights to minimum necessary for moving about safely after 10:30 pm.
  • Noise: please be considerate of your neighbors. This includes construction noise, leaf blowing, music, and lighting. Limit construction noise, yard and power tool noise to an absolute minimum after 4 pm.


  • Playground hours: the playground closes at dusk. Minor children must be at their campsite within 30 minutes of quiet hour.
  • Playground use: the playground is intended for children.
  • Unsupervised children: parents should accompany small children at the playground.
  • Lost toys: any toys brought to the playground should not be left at the playground.


  • Conduct: campers are responsible for the conduct of your guests, and shall be personally liable for any injuries or property damage arising from the actions of such guests.
  • Additional sleeping units: additional or temporary sleeping units are allowed on seasonal sites, space permitting, with prior approval of management.
  • Occupancy limits: maximum additional overnight campers per site is six persons. No additional camping units allowed on site. Tents are allowed.


  • Dogs: yes, our campground is dog friendly!
  • Unsupervised pets: pets may not be left unattended outside of camping unit at any time.
  • Pet limit: no more than two pets allowed per site.
  • Bar & grill: please, no pets in the tavern.
  • Aggressive pets: pets are not allowed to chase or aggressively approach people or vehicles. After one warning, aggressive dogs will not be allowed back in park. Pets must be kept on a leash-maximum of 12’ when off site. Dogs considered “dangerous” are not allowed on Willow’s End Resort and Campground property.
  • Leashes: when walking, a short leash must always be used to keep dog under control.
  • Pet waste: all pet waste should be cleaned up as soon as deposited as this is a health issue.
  • Fencing: no invisible fencing is allowed.
  • Vaccinations: proof of current rabies and vaccinations must be kept on site.
  • Injuries: campers agree to hold the owners of Willow’s End Resort & campground harmless for any injuries to persons or other animals inflicted upon by campers' pets.
  • Barking Dogs: if dog is barking and disturbing others in the resort, at sole discretion of the manager the owner will be given a warning. After two warnings, the dog must either wear a bark collar or be removed from the resort.
  • Farm animals: no farm animals are allowed on individual lots or in RV units, including, but no limited to, rabbits, sheep, pigs, or chickens.
  • Exotic animals: no exotic animals are allowed.
  • Boarding: no animals may be boarded at any time.

Disposal of garbage

  • Daily trash disposal: dumpsters are provided for daily general trash.
  • Non-household garbage: building materials, furniture, appliances, and other non “household” garbage must be removed from the campground property by campers.
  • Yard waste: pine needles, leaves, yard, plant waste, or firepit ashes shall not be put in the dumpster. A specific area is designated for this. Speak to management for details.

Rig requirements

  • Rigs: all camping units which are 10 years old or older must be pre-approved by campground management prior to moving same onto campsite.


  • Residency: campsites are not residences, and should not be used to receive personal mail or be claimed as a permanent address.
  • Maintenance: campers shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of any and all personal property (including the camping unit) located upon the campsite and for the maintenance of the campsite. Spring cleanup should be completed by June 1st and sites will be mowed and picked up at least 1 time per month.
  • Storage: items other than lawn furniture, a portable cooking grill, or planters shall be stored in a shed and not on the side of shed, on the deck, or under/against the camping unit.
  • Clotheslines: permanent clotheslines are not permitted.
  • Fencing: it is not permitted.
  • Landscaping: cutting, trimming, planting or digging up of any trees is not allowed anywhere on resort property without prior approval of management, and lawn fertilizer is not allowed near the lake.
  • Firewood: Firewood cannot be brought in, but it can be purchased at the campground.
  • Campfire pits: only firewood should be burned. WI state law states: Burning of trash, plastic, cans, or cardboard is prohibited. Never leave fire unattended. Fire should be out or covered before retiring. Fire rings are not furnished by the campground.
  • Storage sheds/structures: one storage shed per site is allowed. Any new or replacement storage sheds may be no larger than 48 sq ft (6x8) and painted a solid earth tone color (i.e..brown, beige, tan). Speak to management for details. Prior approval by management is required when erecting or placing any structure on site, including decks, storage sheds, screened rooms, patios, and gazebos. No permanent tents, car ports, or boat cover structures are allowed.
  • Deer hanging poles: no deer hanging poles of any sort on sites and on property.
  • Parking: no long term unit parking of boats, trailers, vehicles, etc., that are not being or plan to be actively used without management approval.
  • Docks: docks need to be approved by the Willow’s End Resort & Campground owner.
  • Generators: no generators may be used except during utility power outages. Quiet generators are also permitted on primitive sites.

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